Case Study:

Otherworld pancakes, out-of-this-world results.


Otherworld is a plant-based food company that sells healthy pancake mixes. Their pancakes are easy to make and packed with hidden fruits and vegetables, making them a perfect fit for busy parents. 

We tapped into the power of influencer marketing to sell their pancake mixes and to establish their company as a family-friendly brand.

campaign goals

1-1.5x return on ad spend 

Strengthen brand messaging



Otherworld’s target audience was US-based moms between the ages of 25-34 years old. We recruited Instagram creators in the parenting space to get Otherworld on the screens — and in the hands — of moms who were looking for a product like theirs. 

Though Instagram was the best platform for their target demographic, its algorithms are notorious for blocking sponsored posts. To avoid this problem, we contracted whitelisting rights for all influencer content. This helped Otherworld get the best possible ROAS for their campaign.

Talent content

Views and sales exceeded expectations, with over 2.2 million views from a total of 22 sponsored posts. 

On top of these results, we found that content featuring children performed best during the campaign. (A reel posted by one creator, Tonya Michelle, outperformed 95% of her non-sponsored reels with over 134K views!) Otherworld’s campaign resulted in a favorable ROI and key insights to drive successful campaigns in the future. 

We contracted 15 influencers to create Instagram reels, stories, and TikTok posts for Otherworld.




5.78X ROAS



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