Case Study:

Protein-packed and primed for launch — Mezcla’s 2-part influencer strategy


Mezcla is a plant-based protein bar company. With rich, responsibly-sourced ingredients grounded in research and development, their bars are some of the best on the market. 

Mezcla reached out to us to build a solid influencer strategy ahead of their launch. They wanted to create demand, build brand awareness, and attract the attention of potential investors and retail locations. Most of all, they wanted to drive conversions on their free 3 bar trial offer to start building a loyal fanbase.

campaign goals

Drive free trial conversions

Create brand awareness


Launching a new brand and product required us to lay some groundwork. We started with a pre-activation strategy to create buzz in the high-end bar market. In the months ahead of launch, we contacted nearly 1,000 micro-influencers with a free case of protein bars. As a result, Mezcla received feedback about their product, content ideas, and even some love on social media.

PHase I: Ambassador Program

Now Mezcla was ready for its first influencer campaign. We contracted 10 talents across YouTube and Instagram to spread the word about Mezcla and drive free trial orders. Our strategy focused on content that made the protein bars part of the talents’ daily routines, which resonated well with creators in the health and fitness space.

PHase II: Paid Campaign

Talent content

Ashley Wicka’s “What I Eat in a Day” YouTube video was incredibly successful with over 62K views. Another post from Sweats and the City drove over 100 free trial orders within a 48-hour window.

Teaming up with authentic creators in the health and fitness space helped us surpass our goal for free trial orders, and keep customer acquisition costs below $10 per customer. Our two-pronged influencer strategy primed Mezcla for an effective launch in the high-end protein bar market.

Our cast of NYC- and LA-based talent drove impressive results with their content.


$8 Cost per customer acquisition


15k link clicks


700K Impressions

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